Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fat Worm of Error

Spastic constipated fractured belly-aches churned out and spurted from this band of Massachusetts oddballs. Live shows include many costume changes such as a body encased in a sleeping bag, a box on the head and an elaborate Caroliner-like monster.

From their 2003 7":
FWOE- Feelin' Fine MP3
FWOE- Public Safety MP3
FWOE- Picnic Mayhem MP3
FWOE- Package Overnight MP3

From "The Rap Pouch" Comp:
FWOE- Red Meeting Plastic Box
FWOE- Flea God MP3

Fat Worm of Error website

see also: Commode Minstrels in Bullface

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Punch & Judy Budget Bin

From 50's budget cheapo children's label, Twinkle, comes this dreadfully boring and terribly executed version of Punch & Judy. The only reason why I have this piece of shit in my collecction is for the 2 minutes of brilliance where Punch sings "It's a Happy Day Today" to Judy.

Punch & Judy - It's a Happy Day Today MP3

as an extra bonus...

Sexy Cafeteria
Hot Dog Night

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gregory, Age 10-12: FAT FUCK

Various recordings of me around the ages 10-12. I was obsessed with Malcolm Jamal Warner, dildos and heavy metal. I recite some Merciful Fate lyrics and pronounce fetish, "FEETISH".

Gregory, Age 10-12: FAT FUCK MP3

Here is a MIDI version (ha!) of "Heads on the Wall" by Merciful Fate.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fred Lane

"If jazz is dead it’s because Fred Lane personally killed it.  Ran it over with one of them old-timey lawnmowers.  Bludgeoned it to death on Dean Martin’s cinderblock cufflinks, he did.  Placed the hit from the payphone across the street from the Max Ernst exhibit."...-from Cool & Strange #28

High unexplainable weirdness from Alabama! A mutant big band strangled and bled, led by a misonthropic mustachio man named Fred Lane. Fronting such bands as Ron ‘Pate’s Debonairs and The Hittite Hotshots, Fred Lane crooned his way through such classics as "Fun in the Fundus", "From the One Who Cut You", "French Toast Man". He soon disappered and later resurfaced as T.R. Reed, whirlygig sculptor.

"From the One Who Cut You" & "Car Radio Jerome" were released by Shimmydisc in the mid-eighties, and according to the Shimmydisc website, only "Car Radio Jerome" is still available. "From the One that Cut You" is the superior of the albums, the music and lyrics much more strange and obtuse than the more straightforward "Car Radio Jerome". But if you stumble across either, you must buy!

Previous to these two albums, Fred Lane & gang produced the "Raudelunas 'Pataphysical Revue"('75). Sort of a vaudeville talent show featuring a variety of acts...Anne LeBaron's "Concerto For Active Frogs"; Mitchell Cashion's charming setting of Julius Caesar's "The Chief Divisions Of The Peoples Of Gaul"; Industrial noise from The Captains Of Industry; and some incompetent flailing by The Blue Denim Deals Without The Arms.

Here is an MP3, from the "Pataphysical Revue", of Fred Lane's version of "My Kind of Town", complete with horn farts, late lunches, and botched jokes. This album has recently been reissued on CD and is available HERE

Fred Lane with Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue - My Kind of Town MP3

Raudekunas website (learn the whole confusing Fred Lane mythology)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Caroliner Rainbow Legs Tied 'Round the Ankles

Caroliner, a black light augmented, go to hell and pump thunder band, was formed in 1983 in order to portray the cabin fever and ergot poisoned hallucinations of early America, namely the 1800s.

These tales of steam boiler explosions and blackwater pyrexia are channeled thru the band from the lips of the nationally famous, traveling bull minstrel named Caroliner. This bull was blessed with the gift of song, but, unfortunately, he was roasted and eaten near the turn of the century. His teachings are alive and well today, thanks to the Singing Bull Songbook and the band that dons his namesake. Its a heavy yolk to bear, but these yarns must be passed on. Everybody knows history that is forgotten is doomed to be repeated.

Caroliner is renowned for delivering an incredible live show, packed with irridescent dream-like (or nightmarish) props and amazing flourescent costumes.  Its really more "like an angry painting come to life" than a band performing...but perform they do. The music is extremely experimental Country & Western/noise, a bit of old fashioned parlor music and a whole lot of energy....even after all this time.
-from Freedom From Records website

Go HERE to see a slideshow of Caroliner's show last week at 12 Galaxies in San Fransisco (last pictures in series)

Caroliner Live #1 MP3
Caroliner Live #2 MP3

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kana Hakkliha?

I am speechless over this Kana Hakkliha commercial (whatever the hell it is.)

(found on FecalFace via steven f)

Jim Copp & Ed Brown

Working at home far into the night with three Ampex tape machines, a piano, a kazoo, to say nothing of a celeste, a pump - organ, bongo drums (and don't forget the ratchet, the Autoharp, the tambourine, tin whistle, castanets, teacher's desk-bell ) plus myriad reels of tape and editing gear, Jim Copp, with his associate Ed Brown who designed the imaginative covers and contributed voices, conjured a lunatic land that stretched all the way from Thimble Corner to Flumdiddle.

Just watch this brilliant performance by Jim Copp of
"Agnes Mouthwash"...

And for those of you who don't have time to wait around for the ridiculous 18 meg file, here is an MP3 of The Frogman from Jim Copp Tales.

Jim Copp-The Frogman MP3

Playhouse Records offers the entire Jim Copp & Ed Brown discography on CD, cassette and vinyl (!!!!).

Friday, February 18, 2005

Benjamin Weismann

From artist Benjamin Weismann comes this hilarious story about Hitler's inability to ski...via UBUWEB. From the CD Oostende 1994, Bigg Truck Records

I fucking love this.

Benjamin Weismann - Hitler Ski Story MP3

Lionel Ritchie's Dick

This recording was taken from a documentary about mental illness circa late 70s/early 80s. This bit focuses on a crazy woman ranting about Lionel Ritchie's dick and how the black kingdom is in trouble. She then spits on the doctor in order to ruin everything that's in his body.

Lionel Ritchie's Dick MP3

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Ridiculous Trio Plays The Stooges

Project of trombonist, Mike Hagedorn- The Stooges classics played on Trombone (Hagedorn), Tuba (Rob Pleshar) and drums (Shannon Marrow). Not entirely novelty, The Ridiculous Trio adds something new to the old songs, sometimes bringing them to a free jazz frenzy. I saw them play live a couple months ago and it was quite hilarious, a polka party gone awry.

Ridiculous Trio - No Fun MP3
Ridiculous Trio - Down on the Street MP3
Ridiculous Trio - I Wanna Be Your Dog MP3
Ridiculous Trio - DIRT MP3
Ridiculous Trio - She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills MP3
Ridiculous Trio - Scene of the Crime/Deathtrip MP3
Ridiculous Trio - Not Right MP3

Mike Hagedorn is extremely entertaining to watch play, he is a big bald fellow who realizes the comedic power of the trombone visually & aurally. He practices, what he calls, "Pimprovisation"...

" I make music that is simple, direct, but layered with subtext. I aim to bring challenges and rewards back to the listener, through subtle melody and explosive energy. Free of irony, innocence is restored, reverted to its primal state, and any further notion of style or genre is flushed away."

His 4 boxs website offers his complete catologue in MP3 format...from solo work to collaborations.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Math was the best band to come out of Chicago; They started in the late 80's and broke up in early '94. The core members were Jodie Mecanic (DUOTRON and MONOTRONA) Robert Rolston (QUINTRON) & Michael Colligan (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS). They had released a couple self-released cassettes, a split 7" on Bulb (which I had found in a thrift store), a CD entitled 'BASIC MATH' on Bulb and a self-released record 'Rubber Musique' which is the testament of their genius.

Unfortunately all of their material is out of print...except for a quirky track 'Gorilla' on 'CIA VIA UFO' comp. on Atavistic.

As Gary Stripes says, "The earlier sound of math is a very melodic and somewhat "arty" / self-consciously "weird" brand of theatrical art-pop that kind of smacks a bit too much of Tom Waits-style preciousness for my taste. Their live shows were very popular in the underground and notably featured a stage full of bizarre percussion and organ contraptions. During the heyday of the Chicago No Wave (93-94) The band accumulated more diverse influences and veered away from their merry sing-a-long style and became a more traditionally "no wave" sounding ensemble with clamourous guitars and horns."

Here, for your delight, are two tracks from 'Rubber Musique', whose track names I don't have because I foolishly lent the record to someone who soon thereafter moved away to Baltimore (Lexi...please contact me!) I encoded these tracks from an old cassette I made ten years ago, so there might be a bit of hiss. The record needle slips for a second somewhere in the middle of track 4.

MATH - Rubber Musique track 2 MP3
MATH - Rubber Musique track 4 MP3

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sandy Kane Blew Comedy Show

Sandy Kane's Blew Comedy Show airs on MNN, a public access station in Manhattan. I have only seen one episode...but it's so deranged I could watch it again and again (well...if someone didn't steal my copy!). Sandy Kane, left, an old shriveled up goulish ex-stripper, tries really hard for the laughs with lame jokes about genitalia. The entire show is filmed in front of a blue screen. Keyed in behind her is an endless barrage of pictures of celebrities with crudely written cartoon bubbles that say "I LIKE DICK" or "LICK MY PUSSY".

The best part of the show are her pathetic dirty karaoke songs. Her version of Gloria simply changes the words to, "GLORIA! GLORIA! SHE'S A COCKSUCKING WARRIOR! SHE GIVES GREAT BLOWJOBS IN ASTORIA!". She repeats this over and over in her thick gravely New York accent, with little variation for the 5 minute duration of the song...the same canned laughter repeated throughout. This is the worst crap ever and must be heard by the entire world! GENIUS!

Unfortunately I don't have the video anymore, the visuals are stunningly grotesque, but the audio is just as gratingly wonderful and should be pumping out of every SUV on the block!

Sandy Kane - Gloria MP3

If anyone has any videos of Sandy Kane, please contact me, I would like to trade. Someone told me she released a CD, but a Google search turns up nothing...(there's also a bland folk singer named Sandy Kane...I'm sure she's thrilled to have this beauty pop up on a search!)

Jimmy the Boy Wonder

Hershel Gordon Lewis, creator of Blood Feast, made a kiddie movie?

The premise of this turd is that Jimmy, a doltish little boy, wishes time to stop....and, well, it does. Father Time sends his homely daughter Aurora to lead Jimmy to The Great Clock (cheap cardboard) which only Jimmy can start again. Immidiately they are accosted by Mr. Fig, a gangly weirdo in a plaid suit and thick greasepaint eyebrows. Mr. Fig stops time and intends on wasting Jimmy's time in order to prevent him from restarting TIME. Mr. Fig steals the whole goddamn show with a spastic performance of "I KILLED TIME!"...backed up by a great spooky organ player who could rival Quintron.

Jimmy & Aurora get in many idiotic adventures, accompanied by severely retarded song and dance numbers. They soon get tired (as did the script writers) and Aurora tells JImmy a story...a perfect excuse to jam in some old cartoon in order to kill some time. Jimmy eventually starts time again, but not without a run-in with Mr. Fig's tempting Hot Dog Tree. WOW.

Mr. Fig's Hot Dog Tree MP3

Friday, February 11, 2005

Runzelstirn & Gurglestock

Runzelstirn & Gurglestock is Rudolph Base sputtering soundscapes, gagging, dogs barking, a spurt of a melody, a sack of shit being punched, a vomit opera. R&G will be playing the No Fun Fest in March.

Kusai Kaze / 05:33 / 224kbps / 9mb
For 40 Fingernails and 4 Thumbscrews / 05:13 / 224kbps / 8.4mb
Asshole / Snail Dilemma / 53:44 / 192kbps / 73.7mb
PP-R / 12:17 / 192kbps / 16.8mb
Lap Dog Rap Mix ("Aasgeier Remix") / 08:42 / 192kbps / 12mb

Runzelstirn & Gurglestock website

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

a Société des Timides à la parade des Oiseaux

translates as: "Shy Society at the Bird Parade"

This six piece French ensemble has been around since the mid-eighties, and operates in the area somewhere between Etron Fou axis and Neo-chamber styles, applying humor, avant-gardisms, ultra high energy theatrics, and a well rounded eclectism. They cover a pretty wide field of material within those realms, using guitars, bass, contrabass, drums, percussions, saxes, mallets and synths, plus a lot of unusual stuff like balafon and viola de gamba. The latter are used when they take on some of the neo-chamber/folk based pieces like "Sarajevo-Stepanakert" or ethnic styles on tracks like "Rouge, Bleu, Orange", which leads into the more RIO styled "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?", where saxes, strings and taped sounds are applied to quieter sections; punctuated by loud, funky bass driven sections supporting aggressive vocal outbursts.
Peter Thelen-EXPOSE- USA

Their collective works have been issued by Beta-Lactam Ring Records, which offers much of the CD in MP3...but buy it if you're interested, it is well worth it!

composition aux 2 touleurs
( )
le 14 eme
merci. mr laborit
shy society at the bird parade
idol 2

a Société des Timides à la parade des Oiseaux website

Monday, February 07, 2005


Weird Japanese vomit fetish video where girl gets vomited on & wins when she correctly guesses contents of vomit. Strangely beautiful & sexy.

Vomit Game Show

Douglas Quin

Douglas Quin is a composer, media designer and naturalist. In a decade of recording wildlife, Quin's field work has taken him from the mountain rainforests of Madagascar to the Brazilian Amazon and from Antarctica to the Alaskan Arctic. His recordings have been used by scientists and zoos internationally for research and education and he has designed media exhibitry for numerous museums, including most recently, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Academy of Sciences.

These MP3s are from Douglas Quin's CD 'Antarctica' featuring the amazing sounds of Emperor Penguins, Weddell Seals and their pups, Wind and Glaciers.

My favorites are the seals...absolutely amazing
Weddell Seal Mothers and Pup
Male elephant seal bellowing
Many of the sounds were recorded underwater...they sound like David Tudor compositions.
Male Weddell seal(s) maritorial calling recorded underwater
Leopard and Weddell seals recorded underwater

Chinstrap penguin rookery
Adelie penguin colony

Canada Glacier cooling with ice refreezing
Glacier calving in Loudwater Cove

There are plenty more sounds & information on the Antarctica 2000 website.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Metalux is MV Carbon & J Graf and sometimes Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac. They make messy avant-guarde electronic nightmare music...Carbon's bizarre analog tape delay mewlings rambling through it all.
One of the last interesting and abrasive bands in Chicago, Metalux has sadly relocated.

MP3 from "Waiting for Armadillo" on Load Records.

J Graf & MV Carbon also played guitar in Bride of Nono, Azita Youseffi's post Scissor Girls project.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Manny & Friends

Manny & Friends MP3

A friend of mine was working on a farm down in Belize. She would record the local crackheads playing drums and telling stories. My favorite is this wonderfully frightening bit from "Manny", who explains how he slit "Dale Grealy's" throat and "Erin Chavez" got blamed for the crime. "Erin Chavez" is now spending 99 years in "The Big Time Ramada". Manny then sings a rousing self-aggrandizing song, "Believe It or Not It's Just Manny!". Manny's friend chimes in with some slurred song afterwards. Everyone has a laugh.

Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet

Born in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region of Northeast Germany, Hansel Urnst Grüsel graduated from Berlin Polytechnic then escaped to the west inside of a cider keg, where he began an arts collective Fleischwagen Für Größere Gesamtkunstwerk (FWFGGKW) with, amongst others, the Schenker brothers of the soon-to-become hard rock group Scorpions. The collective attempted to build a 50-foot guitar which, in performance, was an utter failure. The Schenkers and Hans, at aesthetic odds, split ways: the brothers to pursue rock stardom; Grüsel retreating to East Germany to continue his pursuit of Fleischwagen Für Größere Gesamtkunstwerk via the live electronic medium.

Grüsel vanished behind the Berlin Wall were he founded the electronic music studio CCCEMA. During this time he received mention in the Cream Magazine article: Who Were They, and Where Are They Now, naming Hans Grüsel as: "...the Vincent Price of the unknown East German avant-garde." This interval has come to be known as the "Totenbett/Ruhebett" period.
After the reunification of Germany, Grüsel slowly made his way back to the west. In 2000 he immigrated to San Francisco where he was engaged by the "High Speed, NASA-D, Electronics and Cardboard" scene stewarded by such groups as Phone Ix, Cunch D'Nicer, Rubber-O-Cement, and Muscle Spurs and the Skull Capture Rigs.

People have compared him to a cross between " ... a frowning wood-man squatting polka grunt-gorrilla wrestling organs or Muzak with Morton Subotnick's 'Silver Apples of the Moon' on the mantle behind a cuckoo clock store in the woods" and "a positive boost for Euro noise with more know-how and trouble-shooting than the average Dieterman." Grüsel is quoted as saying: "As Bowie found the Drum-and-Bass artist for inspiration in the 90s; I have found inspiration in these Americans with their cardboard and high speed electronics."

Krankentaz Suite MP3
Ein Haunted Sommerplatz MP3
Sechzig-Sechs MP3
Wellegurtel No. 1 MP3
Subwaren #1 excerpt MP3
Subwaren #2 excerpt MP3