Monday, February 21, 2005

Caroliner Rainbow Legs Tied 'Round the Ankles

Caroliner, a black light augmented, go to hell and pump thunder band, was formed in 1983 in order to portray the cabin fever and ergot poisoned hallucinations of early America, namely the 1800s.

These tales of steam boiler explosions and blackwater pyrexia are channeled thru the band from the lips of the nationally famous, traveling bull minstrel named Caroliner. This bull was blessed with the gift of song, but, unfortunately, he was roasted and eaten near the turn of the century. His teachings are alive and well today, thanks to the Singing Bull Songbook and the band that dons his namesake. Its a heavy yolk to bear, but these yarns must be passed on. Everybody knows history that is forgotten is doomed to be repeated.

Caroliner is renowned for delivering an incredible live show, packed with irridescent dream-like (or nightmarish) props and amazing flourescent costumes.  Its really more "like an angry painting come to life" than a band performing...but perform they do. The music is extremely experimental Country & Western/noise, a bit of old fashioned parlor music and a whole lot of energy....even after all this time.
-from Freedom From Records website

Go HERE to see a slideshow of Caroliner's show last week at 12 Galaxies in San Fransisco (last pictures in series)

Caroliner Live #1 MP3
Caroliner Live #2 MP3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gregory, keep up the great work. I was thrilled to see this piece on Caroliner - - they are brilliant! Saw them in Austin a year and a half ago...amazing.

Rock and Roll!
-chadly con Queso

8:19 PM  
Blogger steven edward streight said...

My friend Gary Rutledge has every vinyl album of Caroliner, except one.

Gary, Bennett Theissen, and I seem to concur that "Rings on the Awkward Shadow", originally recorded on a wire recorder, has the best overall sound and feel.

But we're addicted to them all.

I downloaded those mp3s, but when I asked iTunes to open them, nothing happened. This occurs sometimes, and I don't know why. Network problem? Try again to open with iTunes? Try to open with Windows Media Player?

YouTube has some video footage of CAroliner.

1:59 PM  
Blogger kingpossum said...

Thanks for the post--I didn't know about this troupe.

I had the same issue with the mp3s, they didn't open.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Rebento said...

Everthing in only 1 generation. - Tudo em 1 só geração.

O Maravilhoso Carpinteiro que se fez pecado no inferno é Completamente Benígno e está Justificado pelo o Deus Vivo Espírito Santo Marcele Castro Da Veiga, que o ressusitou dos espíritos mortos que estão nas profundezas da morte no abismo das trevas.

1. Em uma só geração induzidos ao erro os inocentes Eva e Adão caíram e morreram eternamente, mas.

2. Em uma só geração o Novo Adão Etéreo, resgatou do erro eterno, a Eva e a fez Nova e se levantaram.

3. Também em uma só geração no tempo final se Manifestou o Casamento Celestial Eterno, Uma Nova Terra/Céu/Cosmo Incorruptíveis são Confirmados para sempre, em Fiel Puro Amor, no Único Deus Vivo Espírito Santo da Justiça.


10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gregory, keep up the great work. I was thrilled to see this piece on Caroliner
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11:26 AM  

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