Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kana Hakkliha?

I am speechless over this Kana Hakkliha commercial (whatever the hell it is.)

(found on FecalFace via steven f)


Anonymous Domenica Clark said...


I found your blog and it is wonderful. Thank you so much. I have a show on KAOS in Olympia, WA and I will be playing some of the stuff you've posted, such as the Nora Keyes, for sure. I love weirdo music..tata!

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Matti said...

The site is great!
I think this is a finnish or maybe Estonian commercial for minced hen.
My finnish is very bad, but kana means
hen, and liha means meat.
My guess is that hakkliha means minced meat.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Fatty Jubbo said...

thanks. I always wondered what they were muttering in whispy sex voice.

it is Estonian. I later found the whole collection-

the embedded quicktime files seem to not have sound, there is a link for the full commercial with sound to the right. did a post on these commercials back in January. A reader gave some background info.

Hei, if your're from and having trouble understanding Estonian. Harry Egipt was one of the most productive ad-maker during the Soviet times in Estonia. He wrote the scripts, directed the things and edited as well. He's still in the ad business but his works look pretty dated to me. I'll do a rough translation from the text found on his "about" page:

"Harry Egipt has long time experience working in television and advertising doing various stuff: writing copy to radio, writing scripts to TV-shows and videoclips. He's taken the role of scriptwriter, director, editor, photographer etc. Worked 8 years in national television ETV and 11 years in Eesti Reklaamfilm (state run organisation whose goal was making ads during the Soviet times) where he made more than 80 ads. Now his retroads are regular part of local Night of the Ad Eaters."

I'm old enough to remember most of those TV ads from the 80s, but too young to put them into any kind of perspective. For example this ad for "Penguin" icecream is rather pervers by todays standards but perhaps it was not so 15 years ago because we did not have "necessary" background from porn industry. What I mean was that less people were familiar with blowjobs because there were no magazines or movies etc freely available (they were being smuggled from Finland but still hard to find). Perhaps someone older should fill me in here :-)

6:59 PM  
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