Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween Spooks

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross get a bit gagged up on jazzy Halloween grunts.

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Halloween Spooks (mp3)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Old Time Radio At The Monster Club & Ghouls With Attitude

The Monster Club presents a plentiful MP3 party pack of old time horror and suspense radio at their Old Time Radio At The Monster Club page. via EmptyFree

Oddio Overplay has resurrected Otis Fodder's MP3 collection of Monster songs Ghouls With Attitude! Hooray!
And Be sure to lurk on over to Pastor McPurvis' Weekly MP3 Talent Show where this week's wonderful offering is "More Death & Horror", a great 1978 horror themed sound effect record from the BBC.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Haunted House


Haunted House Cardboard Flexi (mp3)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Damage was a band out of Winterpark, Florida circa '84. They played hardcore music with synthesizers. Whereas Screamers and Nervous Gender were very inventive and threatening with their use of synths, Damage was extremely clunky and ineffectual.
...Which is why I love this record. Their screaming of generic punk lyrics over dry sine-waves farted out at the most most remedial level sounds like pure futile and infantile rage from a 13 year old.

These songs came from a 1984 7" on Spacefish Records (Click the image for complete cover) According to this message board, Damage also has a full length. If anyone knows anything more on this band, please post.

Damage - Jay Walk (mp3)
Damage - Fight Or Die (mp3)
Damage - Jock Mentality (mp3)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Moaning & Screaming

These hilarious bouts of moaning and screaming come from a CD simply titled "Horror Sounds" that I picked up at Osco for $3. Most of the CD is filled with low bass rumbles and occasional thunderclaps...but the sporadic 5 minutes of choking, hollering, griping, groaning, grousing and grumbling is priceless. Plus there's a rooster thrown in for good measure!

Horror Sounds - Drowning! (mp3)
Horror Sounds - Screaming! (mp3)
Horror Sounds - Moaning! (mp3)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Egyptian Lover

When a friend let me borrow this LP I thought it was the most ridiculous cover and asinine name...and I knew a great treat was in store. With the low-budget crap 80's design and song titles like "Girls", I thought it would be a pathetic vanity project of some jackass who thought he was a player. Putting it on the turntable, all my preconceptions were proved somewhat wrong. What we have here is an interesting sonic stew of electro and early hip-hop heavily influenced by Kraftwerk.

DJ Rick from Art For Spastics radio show tells me:

Before making the bigtime with a couple mainstream hits, Sir Mix-a-Lot was mainly known for his "Square Dance Rap" which crossed over into many west coast dance clubs and received radio play on the obligatory live mix shows on urban/top 40 radio. It was a modest success anyway, as it shared airwaves and rocked dancefloors along with Egyptian Lover.

On his "I'm a Trip" (or "I'm Trippin'" (I'm working from memory and haven't heard this in about 17-18 years)) 12-inch EP, Sir Mix-a-Lot took a swipe at Egyptian Lover, blasting EL's technology and bragging on his. Basically he pit his Yamaha DMX versus EL's Roland 808. Pretty weak premise.

Egyptian Lover answered it with a b-side on a 12" EP. The song was called "E Rap (Holding It Down)," and it was Egyptian Lover at his most street-tough and lyrical, and it was too tough an act for him to sell convincingly, so it's laughably lame.

This battle went largely unnoticed as it happened at the same time as KRS-One versus MC Shan, LL versus Kool Moe Dee, and everyone ganging up on LL after "I Need Love." The whole west coast was a joke. But for fans of the electro branch of early hip hop records, there was some truly golden stuff out there which helped pioneer the genre of car audio demonstration music.

The Mix-a-Lot/E Lover beef was nullified completely when Mix-a-Lot's "Posse's on Broadway" touted his "808 kickdrum." I guess his DMX went kaput and he upgraded to something less ephemeral.

The Egyptian Lover - Girls (mp3)
With its pitch shifted "Girls" sample and hot make-out middle section, I could listen to this song all day.

more on The Egyptian Lover at Global Darkness

the back cover states: "Girls done by a close friend"

Saturday, October 01, 2005

End Result

Jake Austin on End Result in Roctober:
"Chicago's End Result was a multi racial experimental No Wave band born out of the early 80s hardcore scene. They managed to limp all the way to the end of the 80s with a rotating cast (at one point they advertised they were seeking a "singer with a hatred of music") built around guitarist Alan Jones.
Perhaps their greatest legacy is that they paved the way for No Wave/artfuck bands presenting themselves to an all-ages, hardcore/punk audience, something that defined the Chicago underground of the 90s (Milk of Burgundy, Skingraft, etc.). Their odd songs (a straightforward tune about amputation wasn't atypical) were released on Articles Of Faith's Wasteland label, and on several important Midwestern hardcore/punk comps, resulting in fans of boundary-pushing gravitating towards them, including Steve Albini and Sonic Youth. No child of privilege, Jones lived in a mission for a while, and turned lemons into an odd tasting lemonade by briefly making the mission's basement a site for punk shows."

Steve Albini on End Result:

"End Result was truly a band apart. Ahead of its time and unique in more ways than I can count. Alan tuned his guitar like a cello... End Result had no drummer to keep the beat, because (in Alan's immortal words) 'we think our audience can count.' ... During the brief time I ran Ruthless Records, I was able to release an album by End Result, and that might be my proudest achievement from that period."

End Result has been known to still occasionally play around Chicago...usually someone's backyard barbeque.

End Result - Children Die In Pain (mp3)
End Result - Slash (mp3)

this picture has nothing to do with End Result. soon: Silver Abuse