Wednesday, April 26, 2006

B.S. Pully

B.S. Pully was a dirty nightclub comedian and character actor, best known for his portrayal of Big Jule in the stage and film versions of "Guys and Dolls"...but best known to me as J. Charles Twilight in the Don Knotts vehicle The Love God?

The B.S. stands for Bull Shit. And it's terlit humor.

B.S. PULLY - Fairy Tales (mp3)

I love this guy's thick gravelly voice and often clumsy delivery. The strangest thing about this record is the obviously fake laugh track which sounds as if the same three seconds of audience laughter is looped and fed through some sort of phasing delay...eventually the stand-out high pitch cackle will have you pulling your hair.

I wish I knew more about B.S. Pully...but I don't. Help me out if you can.

Speaking of Don Knotts and The Love God? (google video trailer) is a bit of audio from the film if the trailer doesn't wet your appetite enough.

Don Knotts as The Love God? - Biological Fact (mp3)

Don Knotts RIP 1924-2006

Is anyone interested in designing a new template for Cake & Polka Parade? This one depresses me and no matter how much I spruce it up with nice images and the occasional table- it's still very claustrophobic and clunky.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Commode Minstrels In Bullface

Commode Minstrels In Bullface's Fantastic Picnic is a rusty conglomoration of squeeks, scrapings, organs, whistles and clarinet farts stuck together with cheap glue and buried in the dirt. The record is the soundtrack for an unrealized film- the liner notes minutely detail the convoluted nonsensical plot and offers a free copy of the next LP to anyone who completes the impossible film. Illustrations of the characters in the film are scrawled in the margins of the screenplay.

ACT ONE: Picnic begins with the Franklin basket picnic set unfolding with worm demon head appendages pulling the attached blanket into place. His friends begin to show up one by one, arraging themselves around the Franklin head. As each show up the Franklin head introduces popcorn and noodles that fly out of its mouth and eyes until it is empty and collapses on itself. The base of the Franklin bust is revealed to be hiding a collection of plates with painted on food that abstract piles of dog shit with ant legs and mandibles distribute to various party guests. The piles walk over the checkered blanket, leaving a trail of pudding. The cowboys show up as armoured chess pieces with snow droppings over their heads, riding paper motorcycle mounts, riding over most of the incoming guests. Blood and pudding is everywhere. The Waltz Copyright Crab slaps the cowboys off their mounts and starts repairing the injured guests with taken motorcycle parts. Gillian Crad, after being revitalized, drops fifty patties made of crushed entrails and manure. The Willwigs each have hot branding irons taken out of their power paint feet. Each patty is cooked with the hot irons and the Scrontium 90 Assasin and Barber grabs the patties and throws them around the blanket. Everyone eats. Snakes crawl into the food and are awkwardly chewed on.

Of course, this soundtrack needs no visual accompaniment as the sounds produced and composed provide plenty of demented imaginary scenes.

Commode Minstrels In Bullface - Ship Meal Develops A Tone Board (mp3)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ol' Davis

A phone call from Ol' Davis who brings down a lot of fire & brimstone.

Ol' Davis Phones In (mp3)

thanks Dan Gleason!