Friday, December 12, 2008

#3 - Har Har Rar Rar Woo Woo

November 6, 2008: Cake & Polka Podcast #003: Har Har Rar Rar Woo Woo
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Slava Tsukerman - "Margaret's Apartment" - Liquid Sky Soundtrack
Peter B - "Crazy Ass Delusions" - Luteus
Fred Frith - "The Boy Beats the Rams" - Gravity
Bing Crosby - "The Headless Horseman" - VA - The Haunted House
Non Credo - "Snake Oil" - Happy Wretched Family
Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips - "Construct Z-45" - Dada Computer
Found Tape - "Phil's Desperate Parents" - Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound
Jon Rose - "Game 7 S and M" - Perks
György Ligeti - "Agitato Molto" - Nouvelles Aventures
Florence Foster Jenkins - "Delibes - Lakmé: Où va la jeune Hindoue?" - The Glory (????) of the Human Voice

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


this is sort of a weird question (maybe?) to approach you with... i usually stick to free jazz/noise, but lately ive been looking for good recordings of children's songs - like the stuff that went down in elementary school back when... "itsy bitsy spider" "three blind mice" etc.

after sort of a quick search around, it seems that there arent very many worthwhile collections of those types of songs - saturated as the children's music market is with a whole variety of garbage. i'm looking for field recording type of stuff of childrens songs/singing games... for my own research and to riff on in my music... could you let me know of any particular recordings/anthologies i should keep an eye out for?


7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always found Halloween children songs to be excellent, especially "Games, Songs and Stories" by Kay Lande & Wade Denning.

Weirdos making music for kids include Bruce Haack, Raymond Scott and the duo of Jim Copp & Ed Brown. And then there's that Batman record that Sun Ra did.

I find generally anything produced before the 80s is worthwhile. Although I found the songs in the current show "Wonderpets" to be pretty strange. Dave Soldier also has a few amazing projects involving kids making free jazz and hip-hop.

-Fatty Jubbo

8:49 AM  
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