Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kids On Dad's Birthday 10/3/77

A cassette found in a thrift store of some kids having fun on Dad's birthday. Sometimes the adults get a little irate.

Kids On Dad's Birthday 10/3/77 (mp3)

If you like found recordings, The Audio Kitchen is now podcasting! The Audio Kitchen was a show on WFMU that served up an hour of homemade recordings freshly liberated from thrift stores and junk shops, as well as some amateur audio spirited away from the closets and computers of their creators. All podcasts are reruns of the show which aired from 2001-2003.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ewa Demarczyk

Born in Kraków in 1941, Ewa Demarczyk studied acting and pianio. In 1962 she started her co-operation with Piwnica Pod Baranami, a theatrical and experimental group of composers setting poetry to music. Ewa began performing solo in 1966, bringing her experimental theatre background to songs that ranged from demonic and triumphant to desperate and fragile.

Ewa Demarczyk - Karuzela z Madonnami (mp3)
Ewa Demarczyk - Groszki i Roze (mp3)

Faun Fables has covered Karuzela z Madonnami (Carousel With Madonnas)

Ewa Demarczyk page - most of it is in Polish

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Peculiar Din From Vincent Bergeron's Cranium

A friend emailed me a link to Vincent Bergeron's music that he found through, of all places, MySpace. This friend has very particular and focused tastes- so I was excited to hear what he had to offer.

Canadian musician Vincent Bergeron's music is a perplexing sonic tapestry of strange sounds- as if a whole orchestra was equipped with record players and they randomly but precisely dropped the needle on various musical phrases. The music tumbles like a dust cloud as Bergeron croons- sounding a bit like Albert Marcoeur. The long compositions are rambling but focused- almost like a meditation on a single theme...a Trout Mask Replica sort of musical cubism.

Vincent Bergeron - Nostalgie-Euthanasie (mp3)

More songs and sound samples can be found on Bergeron's site. An earlier version of his L'Art du Désarroi release can be found on in its entirety.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fatty Jubbo Listener Hour On WFMU - 6/3/6

This Saturday, June 3rd, I host WFMU's Listener Hour at 9 AM EST.
Stream the show through WFMU's website. If you're not up at that god-awful hour- you can access the archive of the show here:

128k MP3 archive stays up for two weeks...RealAudio archive remains forever.

Fatty Jubbo Listener Hour Playlist:

artist / song / album

K. Gordon Murray - Santa's Magic Kingdom (excerpt)
Celtic Frost - Innocence & Wrath - To Mega Therion
Kay lande & Wade Denning - Guess What I Am
Ligeti - Vivace Capriccioso - Mechanical Music
Sparks - Without Using Hands - Indiscreet
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy - PS Plays The Classics

Harte 10 - Was Storts Den Mond - s/t
Locus Solus - Don't Switch - s/t
Ennio Morricone - Gil Intoccabili - Crime & Dissonance
Price Is Right - Theme Song
House On The Rock Mechanical Music
Harry Parch - O What Could He Do But Pick Her Up - Collection v3
Henry Cow/Slapp Happy - Bad Alchemy - Desperate Straights

Portable Pipe Organ - ?
Duotron - Where'd The Murderer Go? - Complete Book Of Duotron
K. Gordon Murray - Santa's Magic Kingdom (excerpt)
Conlon Nancarrow - Study For Player Piano ..36 - Studies For Player Piano v4
Duotron - Balls!- Complete Book Of Duotron
Arrigo Barnabe - Cancao Do Ferreiro - Gigante Negão

Non-Credo - Writer - Classic Guide To No-Mans Land (comp)
Americal Wind Symphony Orchestra - Polly Pickle Nose - Pickle Suite
Henry Brant - All Souls carnival - Works Of A Lifetime
Geoff Leigh - Chemical Bank - Chemical Bank