Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fatty Jubbo Listener Hour On WFMU - 6/3/6

This Saturday, June 3rd, I host WFMU's Listener Hour at 9 AM EST.
Stream the show through WFMU's website. If you're not up at that god-awful hour- you can access the archive of the show here:

128k MP3 archive stays up for two weeks...RealAudio archive remains forever.

Fatty Jubbo Listener Hour Playlist:

artist / song / album

K. Gordon Murray - Santa's Magic Kingdom (excerpt)
Celtic Frost - Innocence & Wrath - To Mega Therion
Kay lande & Wade Denning - Guess What I Am
Ligeti - Vivace Capriccioso - Mechanical Music
Sparks - Without Using Hands - Indiscreet
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy - PS Plays The Classics

Harte 10 - Was Storts Den Mond - s/t
Locus Solus - Don't Switch - s/t
Ennio Morricone - Gil Intoccabili - Crime & Dissonance
Price Is Right - Theme Song
House On The Rock Mechanical Music
Harry Parch - O What Could He Do But Pick Her Up - Collection v3
Henry Cow/Slapp Happy - Bad Alchemy - Desperate Straights

Portable Pipe Organ - ?
Duotron - Where'd The Murderer Go? - Complete Book Of Duotron
K. Gordon Murray - Santa's Magic Kingdom (excerpt)
Conlon Nancarrow - Study For Player Piano ..36 - Studies For Player Piano v4
Duotron - Balls!- Complete Book Of Duotron
Arrigo Barnabe - Cancao Do Ferreiro - Gigante Neg√£o

Non-Credo - Writer - Classic Guide To No-Mans Land (comp)
Americal Wind Symphony Orchestra - Polly Pickle Nose - Pickle Suite
Henry Brant - All Souls carnival - Works Of A Lifetime
Geoff Leigh - Chemical Bank - Chemical Bank


Anonymous Emerson Dameron said...


'FMU is my Jesus.

7:49 PM  
Blogger ~Aliens@C~ said...

well better late than never!

1st reference to Chemical Bank I've seen in ages!

recently re-issued on CD along with the whole MCCB catalogue - Ad Hoc 001...

check out my blog(s)....nothing has changed much!



7:13 AM  

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