Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dave Phillips' Collection Of Curses

Dave Phillips (Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Ohne, Fear of God) sculpts violent psycho-sexual vignettes through harsh frequencies, base gurgling body sounds and a minute attention to detail as the proceedings slowly clank and rattle towards a culvulsion in a urine puddle. Much like Ruzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Phillips' sounds are rooted in the body and the blurred line of pain and sex.

Dave Phillips - Hole/Holy (excerpt)

A Collection Of Curses is a compliation of rare and unreleased tracks that form into a whole and outlines an obscured demented narrative. Hole/Holy, is the fourteen minute centerpiece of the collection that slowly builds with a moaning woman and high-pitch drones into a bizarre orgy of door creeking/wet fart/shitting sounds underlined by a flurry of tiny clicks and slaps. Phillips' ability to visualize, animate and pull you into this scene through corporeal sounds is incredible as the woody creaks are so tactile that you forget that you are in the middle of this perverted ritual.

A Collection Of Curses is released through the Blossoming Noise label, where more samples of the CD are to be found.

photo: Bill T. Miller