Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little Isaac - Dada Genius Dumb Kid?

My friend Daniel Knox dug out this gem from the cassette pile at Unique Thrift Store in Chicago. Not your typical found recording of some kid yapping and singing, our little friend Isaac really can't get anything right. Take, for example, his brain damaged version of the ABCs...

Isaac - ABCs (mp3)

Is this kid fucking around? His rendition of the alphabet is a bit boggling...and really quite amazing and hilarious. I am assuming this is a cassette recorded for a speech therapy session as there is a patronizing teacher lady heard throughout the tape- she leads Isaac down his word garbled world, coaxing him to sing and read.

Isaac - Old MacDonald (mp3)

This kid might be a future genius. I love his disregard for any sort of melody or rhythm. Little Isaac really mangles this number into total abstraction.

Isaac - Mama & Papa (mp3)

This selection seems to explain a bit more about our little friend. Isaac is five and although he mangles the English language, he doesn't appear to be a stupid kid. He might just be a bit hyperactice- racing to the next word before he has time to finish the one barking out of his mouth and not really paying attention to any of the questions posed to him.

I was once thrown into a speech therapy class. Why- I'm not sure...for a five year-old, I only had a miniscule amount of language mangling such as hopital for hospital and paghetti for spaghetti. I was offended by the idea of this and resisted any sort of teaching. The school dropped their fruitless persuit and I quickly stopped being lazy with my pronunciation. Although my current mangling of the language in the form of pitcher for picture and assept for accept may not be a great testament to my ability to speak properly.

And yet another hit from Isaac-

Isaac - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (mp3)

The rest of the cassette is of the kid and the teacher reading a book on dinosaurs. It's not as entertaining as Isaac seems to drop the speech impedement act and reads decently aside from growling and laughing.