Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cereal Box Spooky Stories!

Reader CK stumbled upon the Haunted House cereal box cardboard flexi disc post from a year ago and was nice enough to share another ceral box Halloween flexi... SPOOKY STORIES!

Spooky Stories! - The Headless Horseman
Spooky Stories! - Untitles (Lonely, Lonely)

There are a fair amount of skips on the recording, but as CK notes: "if you were a 28 year old sheet of plastic glued to some cardboard, you'd skip too". And, well, don't skips and pops make things that much more spooky?

click on the image for a full scan of the record

Jim In Buffalo also sent me a cleaned up version of the previously mentioned Haunted House record (although at 64 Kbps).

Haunted House Cardboard Flexi (cleaned version)

Jim! If you want to send me a better bit-rate, feel free! Sorry I had not responded...well, you know the usual excuses.

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments as I go through, well...a dry spell.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grease Vat Halloween Party At McDonald's

This cassette from 1995 most likely came with a Happy Meal. It features Ronald McDonald and Grimace doing their Halloween "broadcast" and is steeped in that annoying Radio Disney ultra-compressed production style. Grimace's Halloween song is actually pretty damn good, though. Thankfully, Grimace thwarts Ronald's shit-stained attempt at a spooky song and we are treated with a few good seconds of noise music.

Side two features an organ drenched Halloween sound effects bonanza that would fit nicely on a Caroliner Rainbow record.

McDonald's Scary Sound Effects Cassette Side One
McDonald's Scary Sound Effects Cassette Side Two