Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Haunted House


Haunted House Cardboard Flexi (mp3)


Anonymous Jason said...

Ahh, excellent! I had several of these (cut out of the backs of Honeycombs & Alpha Bits cereal boxes in the mid 70's). Some of the others shared tracks with the "Famous Ghost Stories" LP on Pickwick Records (which was put together by the 70's horror record master Wade Denning, also responsible for the content of "Sounds of Terror!", "Sounds to Make you Shiver" (both also on Pickwick) & "Halloween" which was a collection of songs, games & stories he assembled w/ Kay Lande around 1969 (picked up by Wonderland/ Golden Records I think). All very good Halloween albums I think (but clearly I'm obsessed.)

THIS story though was unique & totally cool to hear again -- thanks!

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Wow, I had this one as well, although whoever cut it off the cereal box wanted to make it a round record so I didn't get the beginning. Glad to hear it, including all the vintage sound effects. I also had the Headless Horseman story that also appeared on the Pickwick Famous Ghost Stories record.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man i'm dissapointed!

Here I am thinking that this is the same cut-out haunted record found on the back of a cerial box I had when I was a kid, instead it's something else... If anyone can help me i'll be eternally gratefull. All I can remember is that it was a spoken word-type haunted house record from late 70's or 1980, and I can still remember "in this spooky, spooky house...was a shadowy, shadow corner and in this shadowy, shadowy corner was a creaky old cabnet".... or something like that. I've been looking off and on for years and I can't even pin down the name of this record to look it up. Yes it was on the back of either Honeycomb or Alpha Bits, and I do remember a Headless horseman record, and another one with someone listening to radio or something to that effect...It would be a trip to hear those again.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous ck said...

Halloo, just found this on a Google search. If'n anybody interested is still out there, I have copies of the Horseman one and the "lonely, lonely house" record (albeit with several skips - sorry, but if you were a 28 year old sheet of plastic glued to some cardboard, you'd skip too). Horseman is disc #1, the haunted house is disc #2. If anybody would be willing to host 'em to share with the world, I'll make MP3s and send 'em to ya. Contact me at ck_gets_spam at yahoo dot com. (No, I'm not going to EMail them to any and everybody who asks. Sorry. I'd rather just do it once and be done with it.)

6:53 PM  
Anonymous ck said...

Just sent 'em along to the blogmeister, so nobody else request 'em, please. Whee!

4:02 AM  
Anonymous HardyGirl said...

I'm almost sure I had this one, only it was spooky sound effects. I loved getting records off the backs of cereal boxes. I do have some today, Archies, J5, Sugar Bear, Bobby Sherman. My students love them! I had never heard this story. Thanks for sharing.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know the name of the story and the actual album source of the pickwick spooky stories cardboard flexi record #3 about glowing rocks on a hill or mountain, then the 2 scientists at the end talking to an alien? thanks!

3:03 AM  

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