Sunday, August 21, 2005


Galen was a Ann Arbor teenage no-wave band circa early 90's featuring Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes. Their racket was a spazzy but fragile form of, dare I say? Thrash Klezmer? They released a 7" on Bulb (which is included on the label's compilation of early singles) and a cassette. Their final LP, released on Dilloway's Hanson record label, was recorded by Quintron at the famous Milk Of Burgundy in Chicago. Quintron is a guest musician on a few tracks.
From the Bulb 7"
Galen - Drain The Serpent (mp3)
Galen - The Forkman (mp3)

From LP
Galen - 4th Of July (mp3)
Galen - Billion Dollar Babies (mp3)


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