Friday, June 17, 2005

Mostly Ghostly

I love Halloween Haunted House sound effects records. They expose kids at a very young age to avant-garde sounds: musique concrete, noise and modern classical. Every Halloween I scour the toy and costume aisle at various stores, hoping to find some cheapo Halloween CD. Each one is great and interesting and approaches the standard Haunted House themes in different ways: WIND, MEWLING CATS, AGONIZED WOMAN GROANS, MANIACLE LAUGHTER, CHAINS, CREAKY DOORS, PREPARED PIANO OR ORGAN BASHING and sometimes, uh, some spaceships.

For my first installment of Halloween records, I present "Ghostly Mostly". Released by ubiquitous kiddie label "Kid Stuff", performed by the "Kid Stuff Repertory Company" and packaged in a crudely drawn innocuous cover, this 1977 release is the most interesting Halloween record I have come by.

1. Witch Chant (mp3) - A steady burbling analog synth remains in the foreground for the 3 minute duration while some gravel gurgling grunting and cackling flails around, buried in the mix.

2. Night Prowl (mp3) - Organ grind and drone, with mysterious sounds and ominous thumping. Sounds like early Quintron records.

3. Goblin Ball (mp3) - A severely enjoyable moronic song with hilarious rambling organ playing and seemingly arbitrary mixing techniques,

4. Halloween Night (mp3) - An odd poem, howling dogs and droning organ.

5. Women Scream (mp3)

Nightmare City Halloween record list


Blogger Stephen said...

This is really great! If you could post other Halloween records, I would really appreciate it.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Disco:Very said...

Witch Chant is pretty amazing (reminds me of The Sun City Girls), but Goblin Ball is out of this world! What a totally amazing song! I can't believe how great this record is. Thanks so much for posting it.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Totally awesome. Thanks for this one. Been wanting it for a while. I have a web page of Halloween themed LPs started here:
Forbidden Crypts Of Haunted Music. I've disabled right click function mainly for band width purposes. Anyone interested in any of them though can either come to the forum I just started (named after the LP just offered her BTW), or can find my email at the bottom of my music web page. Thanks again for this one.

2:39 PM  

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