Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ben Hall Sends His Best To You

It was February, 1971, and I had just finished doing my radio show, "Woody's World" on station WHWH, Princeton, New Jersey. The office had informed me that someone was waiting to see me. As I arrived at my office, here was this lady, standing there with something in her hand. Her face was all aglow and full of sunshine. She was holding a record album by Ben Hall, her husband. She wanted me to listen to Ben's first album and then, if possible, just to mention the fact that Ben was beginning his 7th year as the featured artist as The Old Yorke Inn, Hightstown, New Jersey.
"This must be some sort of record in itself! Someone playing for six years in the same location!" The response from the people was great. Ben Hall has made many friends through the years with his music. He is warm, friendly and above al dedicated to hiis family and musical career.

This album will make new friends for Ben. It's what he wants to do. His daughter, Geri, only nine, sings on "Dream Baby". Ben Jr. says he wants to play drums, and Betty, Ben's wife, sing "Irish"

C.D. "WOODY" Powell
WHWH Radio
Princeton, NJ

Ben Hall - Dream Baby (Mp3)
Ben Hall - Smile (Mp3)

This Ben Hall, theatre organ archivist, was brutally murdered in December, 1970. He sure looks like the same Ben Hall but this record was recorded in 1971. How many Ben Halls are theatre organists?
Ben Hall claimed, alongside Anton LaVey, to be myserious organist George Montalba


Blogger guapo said...

"Dream Baby" sounds really sweet! A wonderful way to start the day!

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Blogger dogbeardbirdbeer said...

I can't find any Ben Hall anywhere and unfortunately the links on this page don't seem to work for me...
thanks for the post though.

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