Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ford Wright: Voodoo Monster

I don't know much about Ford Wright.
Ford Wright - Voodoo Monster

This odd little recording came off Chicken Bomb, a 1996 Lumpen Magazine compilation which featured live recordings of Lake of Dracula, Monitor Radio, Flying Luttenbachers, and James Chance among many others. This song always puts a smile on my face.

Ford Wright was a part of Chicago based experimental theater group Doorika. I think they relocated to New York years ago.

Ford Wright - A Slave Boy Who Thinks He's A King

Slave Boy is a song from the Ford Wright & Nick Demopoulos production I, Medusa (redemption the hard way)...a musical exploration of vanity and delusion

"This production was absolutely phantasmagoric: a revisionist myth in the making. Anointed with alluringly literary folklore, tall tales, big laughs, haunting lyrics, melodic, melancholic hobo-jazz, and operatic spasms, a syndrome of wickedness, heroism, victory and defeat, a comedy of error after error after error, a sexually explicit epic dressed in found flowers, tattered tunics, and hand-me-down pleather."


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