Thursday, April 28, 2005


From the Sid Laverents issue of Roctober:

"I am not alone in calling Multiple SIDosis one of the greatest amateur/underground films ever made. Since its release in 1970 (originally screened for the San Diego Amateur Moviemakers Club, but eventually distributed to amateur film societies internationally) the nine minute “technical comedy” has won a wallfull of awards and honors, climaxing in 2000 when the Library of Congress selected it as the only amateur film to be entered into the National Film Registry.

Opening with an regular-looking older couple relaxing at home on Christmas, the action is initiated when wife Adelaide gives husband Sid (film director Sid Laverents, playing himself) a two-track reel-to-reel tape recorder as a gift. Sid is soon experimenting with overdubbing and begins to layer tracks on a quirky song (an old tune named “Nola”) he is recording. Sid’s version features a hypnotizing metronome, an amazing whistling performance and some freaky falsetto backup harmonies reminiscent of both Brian Wilson’s best experiments and Lou Christie’s Tammys recordings...Sid brings to life a singular vision that would be unachievable if multiple musicians were playing together. More importantly, Sid also brings that vision to life visually. In a technical feat that has astounded filmmakers for years, the inventive Laverents figured out a way to use multiple exposures so that when he is performing two, three or eleven parts of the song at once, two, three or eleven Sids are seen performing. This was all done in-camera using techniques he created (involving special black mats and a lot of patience)...Suffice to say that it is one of the most joyful, hilarious, inspiring, humorous things you will ever see. Multiple SIDosis is a profoundly important individual achievement about individual achievement."

Roctober put out an entire issue on Sid Laverents- including biography, filmography, discography and a bonus CD of Sid's one-man-band music. Issues are most likely still available. These Mp3s are from the Roctober Multiple SIDosis CD.

Sid Laverents - Nola Mp3
Sid Laverents - Nobody Loves a Fat Man Mp3
Read More about Sid here : 1 - 2


Blogger Artemia Salina said...

Astounding! I've just listened to Sid' Nola and it makes me want to watch Multiple Sidosis very much! Thanks for posting this, and for the blog in general. I stop by often.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Nik said...

Very sweet and fun.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Katya Oddio said...

You bring such fabulous things into focus. Thank you so much for yet another surprise!

9:35 PM  

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