Thursday, June 09, 2005

3 Finger Spread

3 Finger Spread was the bluegrass side project of East Bay pastiche-jazz-punk combo Schlong. Hilarious lyrics sung in ridiculous falsetto, great fiddle playing and a Mel Blanc impersonation.
These tracks came off of a Very Small Records farewell comp. 7" (although, these tracks have also appeared elsewhere). Very Small was run by David Hayes, who was co-founder of - (groan)- Lookout Records...he was responsible for their somewhat interesting back catalog (Plaid Retina). Very Small released themed compilations and strange bands like Schlong, Horny Mormons, Pounded Clown and False Sacrament.

3 Finger Spread - Phone Me Bone Me (mp3)
3 Finger Spread - Pisstoy (mp3)
3 Finger Spread - Shit (mp3)


Anonymous dave said...

Yeah! 3 finger spread was one of my favorite records when it came out. It was my friends and I never got my own copy. So good. I guess one of the guys dad's would play live with them. I saw pictures back in '93. Your site it great. You don't happen to know an obscure English 7" record by a guy where the refrain is "I'm going down the road to grow wheat", do you? Just figured I'd ask

11:20 AM  
Anonymous mike lupica said...

I went to see Schlong perform at ABC no RIO (with Buzzoven, Sleeper, and Plaid Retina) sometime around 1991 or 92, I think, and a friend of mine kept screaming out for them to play 3 Finger Spread songs, which they feigned a complete and total ignorance of. As a result, I still want to hear "Phone me Bone me" every time I walk down Rivington St. in Manhattan.

9:05 AM  

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