Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet

Born in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region of Northeast Germany, Hansel Urnst Grüsel graduated from Berlin Polytechnic then escaped to the west inside of a cider keg, where he began an arts collective Fleischwagen Für Größere Gesamtkunstwerk (FWFGGKW) with, amongst others, the Schenker brothers of the soon-to-become hard rock group Scorpions. The collective attempted to build a 50-foot guitar which, in performance, was an utter failure. The Schenkers and Hans, at aesthetic odds, split ways: the brothers to pursue rock stardom; Grüsel retreating to East Germany to continue his pursuit of Fleischwagen Für Größere Gesamtkunstwerk via the live electronic medium.

Grüsel vanished behind the Berlin Wall were he founded the electronic music studio CCCEMA. During this time he received mention in the Cream Magazine article: Who Were They, and Where Are They Now, naming Hans Grüsel as: "...the Vincent Price of the unknown East German avant-garde." This interval has come to be known as the "Totenbett/Ruhebett" period.
After the reunification of Germany, Grüsel slowly made his way back to the west. In 2000 he immigrated to San Francisco where he was engaged by the "High Speed, NASA-D, Electronics and Cardboard" scene stewarded by such groups as Phone Ix, Cunch D'Nicer, Rubber-O-Cement, and Muscle Spurs and the Skull Capture Rigs.

People have compared him to a cross between " ... a frowning wood-man squatting polka grunt-gorrilla wrestling organs or Muzak with Morton Subotnick's 'Silver Apples of the Moon' on the mantle behind a cuckoo clock store in the woods" and "a positive boost for Euro noise with more know-how and trouble-shooting than the average Dieterman." Grüsel is quoted as saying: "As Bowie found the Drum-and-Bass artist for inspiration in the 90s; I have found inspiration in these Americans with their cardboard and high speed electronics."

Krankentaz Suite MP3
Ein Haunted Sommerplatz MP3
Sechzig-Sechs MP3
Wellegurtel No. 1 MP3
Subwaren #1 excerpt MP3
Subwaren #2 excerpt MP3


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