Sunday, January 23, 2005

Scissor Girls

Scissor Girls were an extremely underated band from Chicago circa 93-96. Fronted by Azita Youseffi (now solo under 'azita') they crafted an amazing textured and dense sound. Every instrument had its own personality- from Azita's distinctive bass rumble and her strange vocals, to the mechanical drumming of Heather M, to the guitar playing of Kelly Kuvo and (earlier guitarist) Sua Anne. The kids these days might swing to the current No-Wave fashions, but they really don't understand it the way the Scissor Girls did (although I'm absolute all of the SGs hate that term!).
Scissor Girls were the first band I saw when I arrived in Chicago in '94. They played at the Hub Theatre on Chicago Ave. (now demolished) in front of and old black and white movie played backwards and upside down. They blew me away, it was everything I was looking for in music...the nihilism, the spooky haunted house trolls under the bridge aesthetic, the dissonance, the oddd Mark E. Smith style of barking/declaration/singing.
Well, here are 3 live tracks from WHPK, courtesy of Roger Deforest's fine Scissor Girl tribute site -STATICLAND-

Here is a track from Scissor Girl's 10" So that you can start to see S-T-A-T-I-C-L-A-N-D


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