Saturday, October 01, 2005

End Result

Jake Austin on End Result in Roctober:
"Chicago's End Result was a multi racial experimental No Wave band born out of the early 80s hardcore scene. They managed to limp all the way to the end of the 80s with a rotating cast (at one point they advertised they were seeking a "singer with a hatred of music") built around guitarist Alan Jones.
Perhaps their greatest legacy is that they paved the way for No Wave/artfuck bands presenting themselves to an all-ages, hardcore/punk audience, something that defined the Chicago underground of the 90s (Milk of Burgundy, Skingraft, etc.). Their odd songs (a straightforward tune about amputation wasn't atypical) were released on Articles Of Faith's Wasteland label, and on several important Midwestern hardcore/punk comps, resulting in fans of boundary-pushing gravitating towards them, including Steve Albini and Sonic Youth. No child of privilege, Jones lived in a mission for a while, and turned lemons into an odd tasting lemonade by briefly making the mission's basement a site for punk shows."

Steve Albini on End Result:

"End Result was truly a band apart. Ahead of its time and unique in more ways than I can count. Alan tuned his guitar like a cello... End Result had no drummer to keep the beat, because (in Alan's immortal words) 'we think our audience can count.' ... During the brief time I ran Ruthless Records, I was able to release an album by End Result, and that might be my proudest achievement from that period."

End Result has been known to still occasionally play around Chicago...usually someone's backyard barbeque.

End Result - Children Die In Pain (mp3)
End Result - Slash (mp3)

this picture has nothing to do with End Result. soon: Silver Abuse


Blogger Nik said...

The idea of punk concerts in the basement of a homeless shelter makes me happier than most ideas ever have.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Mr. Steve said...

were back!
got a basement or empty lot for a show?
Steve Smith-End Result

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

End Result is a state of mind!!!!!

Continue to live and dream


Mr. Ron
Original End Result Member

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember a gig where we opened for Soul Assylym. Steve and Alan kept removing pieces of my drum kit and replacing them with kitchen appliances... Alan played with a pop over tin that night...


7:51 AM  

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