Friday, December 15, 2006

Glamorous Piles

I started a new blog called Glamorous Piles.

If you don't know already- I am a painter of pretty pictures (above). The new blog will be host to the posting of new work, process threads, various bits I find interesting and more personal, uh, reflections and how it relates to my work.

I have tried to keep this blog entirely devoid of any personal information and I find the formal box I put myself in quite restraining. Don't worry! I will still continue the audio trainwreck of Cake & Polka (uh, well...I haven't been that frequent lately...sorry). Glamorous Piles will also feature occasional MP3s as well- where it pertains to a piece, etc etc.

Don't forget to go to WFMU's Beware Of The Blog as well, where I am a contributor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That painting really stopped me. That is my life. that is everybodys life. That is what life is about, generally. Great work, anyway =)

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, it´s me again... I went trough the archives of your blog and if I remembered this correctly, there was somewhat bitter remark about not getting feedback.

I also have a blog (no, nothing there but the great title "Hey, Joe") and it is insanely difficult to post a comment:

I have lot of difficulties to write this stupid text to verify I´m not a spambot (no, I was just barely around in 60´s, so not too much acid in this case), then when I try to use my nick to sign in, all kind of stupid errors takes place. Finally, if I get past that and try to publish my comment, the browser creashes. If you see this, it did not happen.

Abaout the pAINTING (oops, caps) earlier, my english is not up to this, but it IS really good. This blog is also full of amazing mp3`s, got to admit I visit WFMU quite often too. Keep up the good work and thanks!

7:06 AM  

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