Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dayglo Atrocities

Les Georges Leningrad from Montreal play a mutant-retard dance punk. Their first album is much more interesting and primitive than their second polished offering. They took the retard out.

Les Georges Leningrad - Georges V // Sponsorships // Soopa Doopa

Live set - Michael Goodstein's show on WFMU (real audio)

PaperRad are a bunch of hippies from Providence who make the ugliest art imaginable (a compliment!). Watch their Gumby flash animations.

PaperRad Gumby Life is a Mister E // Graffitti Bridge // X Maz

Visit thePaperRad website for some eye fatigue. They also put out a print version of their pop art brut scrawlings called Paper Rodeo.

see also: Fort Thunder- the trash heap commune that spawned Lightning Bolt and art darlings Forcefield. - A couple good flash animations on this Portland, Oregon site which elaborates the Providence aesthetic. They also have releases by Xiu Xiu & Yellow Swans among others.

Total Shutdown Flash Animation // Neon Hunk Flash Animation

see also: Total Shutdown // Neon Hunk


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