Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jimmy The Boy Wonder

From the Cake & Polka archives, I present a repost of Hershell Gordon Lewis' demented and totally incompetent children's classic "Jimmy the Boy Wonder". I have included a couple extra MP3s.
Hershel Gordon Lewis, creator of Blood Feast, made a kiddie movie?

The premise of this turd is that Jimmy, a doltish little boy, wishes time to stop....and, well, it does. Father Time sends his homely daughter Aurora to lead Jimmy to The Great Clock (cheap cardboard) which only Jimmy can start again. Immediately they are accosted by Mr. Fig, a gangly weirdo in a plaid suit and thick greasepaint eyebrows. Mr. Fig kills time and intends on wasting Jimmy's time in order to prevent him from restarting TIME. If time has stopped, why does Jimmy have limited time?

Jimmy & Aurora get in many idiotic adventures, accompanied by severely retarded song and dance numbers. They soon get tired (as did the script writers) and Aurora tells Jimmy a story...a perfect excuse to jam in some old cartoon in order to kill some time. Jimmy eventually starts time again, but not without a run-in with Mr. Fig's tempting Hot Dog Tree. WOW.

I KILL TIME! (Mr. Fig Theme Song) (mp3)
Wonderful Beans (mp3)
One Step At A Time (mp3)
Think Big! (mp3)
Hot Dog Tree (mp3)
One thing that bores the hell out of me is writing plot synopsis...go here if you want it.


Anonymous LoveTHYconan said...

haha, oh my gosh. i love this, i so want to see the movie now. mr. fig seems very much like robbie rotten from a more recent kid's show called lazytown (if you've ever heard of it). they both come off more silly than evil, have fake eyebrows, and strange interest in ruining the fun of children. maybe they based robbie off of him.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Timm said...


10:03 AM  
Blogger Master Evil said...

H.G. Wells also did "Magic Land of Mother Goose"

7:53 AM  
Anonymous redmoonstone said...

hell yeah! i'm obsessed with this movie! my ringtone is me quoting the astronomer... "it had to happen! it had to happen!"

5:59 PM  

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