Monday, January 16, 2006

Cake & Polka Parade Pee Pee Party!

Today Cake and Polka Parade is one year old. I started this blog after a few months of perusing the big MP3 blog blow-up that was happening at the time. I was a bit underwhelmed by the glut of shit that was out there, the bland self-indulgent writing and the unimaginative derivative artists that were being pushed forth as something ‘interesting’. But I was equally inspired by such sites and blogs as Rummage Through The Crevices, Basic Hip, The 365 Days Project, Pastor McPurvis' Vinyl Orphanage and EC Brown's massive collection of MP3 links among many others.

I took my cue from these obscure music blogs as well as from a longtime obsession with WFMU. I wanted to showcase some forgotten treasures and interesting bits of found sound that I have accumulated over the years as well as highlighting some brilliant work that is being made today.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the last year, especially Scott Soriano from Crud Crud, Oddio Katya from Oddio Overplay, Warren from Rummage Through the Crevices and Ken Freedman.

I’m going on a little vacation…I haven’t been out of the city in four fucking years. Don’t worry though- over the next month I will resurrect some earlier posts that suffered the fate of deletion from a server crash.

Here is a birthday party song from Robert Downey's film Chafed Elbows.

Robert Downey's Chafed Elbows - Intro Credit Sequence (mp3)

And be sure to check out my posts from WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog. And…uh….my ART.


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!!!Happy Birthday!!!

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