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In the mid-70s, Barry Schwam AKA Schwump was the host of a strange radio show out of Portland, Oregon when he caught the attention of The Residents with a broadcast of his All-Frog Opera. The Residents invited him to record a session, the result of which was the Aphids in the Hall 7" released on Ralph Records. The Residents provided the backing instrumentation to Schwump's off-kilter lyrics.
Supposedly Schwump was worried about the record being pirated, so he insisted on an initial release of 200 copies. When The Residents did as Schwump wished, he lambasted the group for not properly promoting him. Schwump eventually dropped off the face of the earth.
Schwump - Aphids In The Hall (mp3)
Schwump - You're a Martian / Home (mp3)
Schwump resurfaced in the early 1990's and has been steadily releasing home-recorded CD-Rs and casssettes of his goofy music. He also makes a living doing voice-over work. Read an interview HERE.
Shwump's Theremin CD from 2004 is fantastic. Here are a couple choice tracks.

Schwump - Drain The People (mp3)
Schwump - You're Half My Dream Come True (mp3)



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I just saw Schwump play in Eagle Rock. He was great.

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