Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Honey Bee

Honey Bee is song by a group of young ladies calling themselves "The Vice Girls". This song was included on the New Orleans Engine Engine Number 9 cassette compilation released on Quintron's Rhinestone Records. Quintron provides greasy organ accompaniment.
The Vice Girls - Honey Bee (mp3)

This song has nothing to do with Joan Crawford. I just like this amazing photo of her in Queen Bee.


Blogger Scott Soriano said...

God bless you for this one.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Awesome. At first I thought it might be an Equals cover, but this is even better.

1:18 AM  
Blogger lonesome-cowgirl said...

this is a great compilation...i picked it up from quintron at one of his shows some years back. some very interesting stuff on there. love the mc trachiotomy esp.

10:45 PM  
Blogger lonesome-cowgirl said...

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10:46 PM  

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